Obtain honors again! Lincoln elevator is awarded the “whole elevator brand with biggest potentials” in China, and the president Mr. Sheng Wenlong is awarded the “annual person with ingenuity”.

On September, 8, sponsored by Selma media, “Laikeyi”?cup the?second elevator industry user optimal brand assessment awarding ceremony and transformation and upgrading of the?real estate industry and L-type economy –?the?summit forum of the?real estate and elevator industry was held in Xinghewan Hotel in Shanghai.

On the?morning of that day, experts and elites of the?real estate industry?and the?elevator industry had reports and discussions about the?two industries with the?purpose of promoting development of the?Chinese elevator and helping Chinese elevator brands show themselves?in the?world stage.

As a member?of the?Chinese traditional manufacturing army, the?elevator industry has become?world top in the?aspect?of output, inventory?and growth rate. In nowadays when industrial competitions become fiercer, development and upgrading of Chinese elevator brands are of great importance. The?elevator industry user optimal brands assessment is themed in “safety, energy saving and comfort”?which are in line with Lincoln elevator. Through assessment of the?public and experts, Lincoln elevator finally?wins highly appraisal?of consumers and authorizes?and wins the?honor of “whole elevator with biggest potentials”. Undoubtedly, Lincoln elevator will not stop here. We will accumulate strength?continuously and gives full play to potentials. Lincoln elevator will make an impression on the?world in the?future.

Brands are products. Only with accurate positioning, delicate development and persistence can they be accepted by markets and become valuable assets of enterprises.

“Have a wide knowledge?and go deep”. Development of Chinese brands need development and improvement of various brands. Lincoln elevator always adheres to and practices the?brand idea of “specialty forging quality and services reflecting?values”?and contributes to forging of Chinese brands while upgrading?its enterprise brands.

In the?assessment?activity, Mr. Sheng Wenlong, president of Lincoln Elevator (China) Co, LTD, is awarded the?“annual person with ingenuity”.

Persistence, high requirements?on technology and enthusiasm?to elevator is best?notes to the?identity “person with ingenuity”?of Mr. Sheng Wenlong. For him, the?word “ingenuity”?does not need to be explained. In the?elevator market with rapid growth, Sheng Wenlong guides the?Lincoln elevator to increase technological and service input continuously to make high quality products and considerate services be accepted by the?society. And he continues to write his elevator legend with his ingenuity.

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